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MRT/Tenements_and_Land_Management (MapServer)

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Map Name: Tenements and Land Management


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This is a group layer containing the following tenement and land management datasets:

  • Fossicking Areas - Shows the declared fossicking areas within Tasmania

  • Strategic Resources - Draft - Areas available for resource extraction under the Statewide planning scheme, which are also considered to be highly prospective for all Categories of Mineral as defined in the Mineral Resources Development Act 1996.

  • Strategic Prospectivity Zones - Areas defined by the Mining (Strategic Prospectivity Zones) Act 1993.

  • Tenements - the following tenement datasets are derived from the Tasmanian Information on Geoscience and Exploration Resources (TIGER) system; administered by Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT), Department of State Growth.

    • Licences - Exploration and Retention Licence polygons and Exploration Release Areas across Tasmania.

    • Historic Exploration Licences - Non-current licence records; includes records of licences that were registered but never granted.

    • Mining Leases - Mining Lease polygons and production licence polygons for all mineral categories across Tasmania.

    • Historic Mining Leases - Non-current mining lease records; includes records of leases that were registered but never granted.

  • Unavailable Areas - Areas Unavailable for Mining or Exploration.

Service Item Id: 51db07d3c3d449c7b5ad982a0e81fe24

Copyright Text: Mineral Resources Tasmania, Department of State Growth

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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