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This dataset shows point locations at which geological samples have been taken and/or (less commonly) geological observations or measurements have been made. Only basic information is included, but further data for each point may be available on-line from the Mineral Resources Tasmania website (go to Products and Services/Database Searches/Samples and Geochemistry Search or use this link): and click on Search, then Export Results) Data attached to each sample ideally includes metric coordinates (or sometimes lat/long), locality name and description, positional accuracy (3D), field and registration numbers, originator, project, collection date, sample type and description, and may include lithology, lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, minerals, mineralisation types, potential hazards, soil type, storage details, references and comments. Major and trace element analyses and assays, petrophysical data (density, magnetic, electrical, thermal, sonic velocity etc.), electron microprobe analyses of minerals, x-ray diffraction determination of mineralogy, soil tests, photographs, reports and other data may be attached and are also down-loadable. Most points refer to surface samples or observations, but down-hole data is also included for some sample types. Data is open to the public for 126,606 records and closed, restricted or reserved for 67,879. The largest dataset is of rock samples (111,778, including 26,685 with whole-rock chemical analyses by x-ray fluorescence). The stream sediment dataset consists of 52,281 samples, mainly collected for mineral exploration and with geochemical results attached. The soil sample dataset (19,626) includes samples collected both for mineral exploration and geotechnical properties. There are smaller datasets for minerals (i.e. specimens, 4579 samples), mineralised samples (e.g. ores; 2781), sediments (e.g. heavy mineral sands, building sand, gravel, clay, 976), tailings and mine waste (1,926), fossils (344), environmental samples (e.g. dust at mine sites; 160), artificial samples (e.g. slags, metallurgical products, concrete; 289) and concentrates (e.g. of sluiced or panned tin or gold; 107). Drill logs (839) and miscellaneous readings/observations (including physical property measurements; 1610) are also included.

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