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Service Description: There are many localities within Tasmania containing interesting collectable geological material with interest to collectors, or with potential for lapidary purposes. In recognition of the recreational activity of fossicking, some of the best of these areas have been set aside for the use of fossickers. A prospecting licence is not required to fossick within declared fossicking areas. For more information on fossicking in Tasmania please click here.

Eleven areas have been declared official Fossicking Areas under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 (MRDA). This means they are specially set aside for the use of fossickers and gem and mineral collectors, and will normally not be included in any exploration licence or mining lease application.

These fossicking areas are set aside for the long-term use of amateur fossickers and cannot sustain any degree of commercial collecting.

This map image layer includes the eleven fossicking areas, points of interest in the vicinity of the fossicking areas, and topographic data from the LIST, to support locating and navigating around the areas.

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