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Forest practices plans

Forest practices plans (FPPs) are required for almost all forest practices on public and private land. The few exemptions are detailed in the Forest Practices Regulations.

FPPs must be prepared in accordance with the code and other legislation, such as the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 and the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (1997). Before operations begin, FPPs must be certified by a Forest Practices Officer (FPO) and applicants for FPPs must notify immediate neighbours and local government.

FPPs provide details of the operation area, boundaries, roads, snig tracks, landings, bridges, streams and forest areas retained for conservation purposes. They also include prescriptions for protection of natural and cultural values, planned harvest systems, and reforestation.

During the preparation of the FPP, FPOs are required to identify natural and cultural values that may be impacted by proposed operations. The Forest Practices Code and associated approved guidelines prescribe measures to be incorporated into FPPs to protect certain natural or cultural values, or manage risks associated with forestry operations around them. For complex issues, FPOs may seek advice from FPA specialists, or the Forest Practices Code and its associated guidelines may require that advice is sought. FPA specialists provide advice on the basis of regulatory requirements, field observations and the results of research and monitoring. Liaison with other scientists may be required. The advice received may result in some areas being excluded from harvest or forest management being changed.

Forest operations may also need approval from local government, if required under the planning scheme and if the land is not a private timber reserve or State forest. The council may impose additional conditions on the proposed operations.

The FPA charges an application fee for FPPs to contribute to the cost of providing advice, conducting research and developing planning tools. The fee varies according to the area, forest type and operation prescriptions involved in the plan (for further information refer to the Forest Practices Regulations).

The FPA has a policy on communication of information in relation to FPPs.

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